Italian Trade Commission reopens after three years

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The Italian Trade Commission has reopened their office in Pakistan after a hiatus of three years. This measure has been highly appreciated by the business community of Pakistan as well as their Italian counterparts.


H.E. Dr. Stefano Pontecorvo, the Ambassador of Italy, said that “the re-opening of our Trade Agency Office in Karachi is an essential part of our strategy in launching Italy’s ties with Pakistan, testified by the visit last year of the Chairman of the Trade Agency, Dr. Riccardo Monti, and this year by the visits of two leading members of the Italian Government, the Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister. We are also expecting, in December, the visit of our Vice Minister for Trade accompanied by a substantial (about 80) Italian entrepreneurs, the first visit of its kind in Pakistan, which will be coordinated and organized by ICE/ITA who, under the guidance of the Director Dr. Gianpaolo Bruno and the Deputy Trade Commissioner Pakistan, Eng. A. R. Daudpota, is already taken the charge. I firmly believe that ICE/ITA will be instrumental in consolidating our bilateral relations, due to its excellent expertise, resources and strong commitment to its mission. I am therefore very grateful to our Trade Agency for having taken this step and am confident that this is a turning point in our economic relations”.


According to Dr. Gianluca Rubagotti, the Consul General of Italy the visit of the President of Italian Trade Agency ICE-ITA, who was impressed with the trade opportunities between Italy and Pakistan paved the way for reopening of the Italian Trade Commission three years after it was closed in 2013. Dr. Rubagotti mentioned that the Italian Government has now an operational arm in Pakistan to help in the projection and promotion of Italian trade interests in Pakistan. The Italian Trade Commission will strive to elevate Pakistan – Italy trade and business to new heights.


Dr. Gianpaolo Bruno, Italian Trade Commissioner to Pakistan said, the Italian industrialists have been enjoying good trade relations with their Pakistani counterparts for the past many decades, particularly the businessmen and industrialists of Pakistan, but there is a need to further improve the ties by focusing on enhancing interaction and undertaking trade promotional initiatives.

He said the Italian Trade Commission is the body whose duty it is to develop, facilitate and promote the economic and commercial relations of Italy with other countries, with particular emphasis on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and their consortium.


Dr. Bruno added that the Italian Trade Commission has reopened in Pakistan after a hiatus of three years in the premises of Consulate of Italy. The senior and well known personality in business circles of both countries Eng. A. R. Daudpota has joined back ICE/ITA Pakistan as Deputy Trade Commissioner. The office will work under directorial of ICE/ITA – Dubai.

Here it’s necessary to add, that Dr. Gianpaolo Bruno is responsible for offices of UAE, Oman and Pakistan.


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