Infinix celebrates Ramadan expressing generosity with world-wide consumer base

Infinix announced its celebration of the holy month of Ramadan with consumers all around the world. There are over 2 billion people celebrating the start of Ramadan today worldwide, many of which are current and future Infinix users.

Infinix, being a global brand, takes a key role in the celebration with multiple activities planned in various markets throughout the month. The theme of the celebration is Express Your Generosity, which notes to the core mission of Ramadan that promotes sharing, giving and compassion. Infinix is on a mission to empower the youth of today with powerful devices available at attainable price points. Consumers from any background or culture can grasp victory together using an Infinix device to enhance their daily life, victory is meant to be celebrated together and this core Infinix value perfectly aligns with the passion shared by consumers around the world celebrating Ramadan this month. 

The global pandemic has taken a huge toll on both Infinix users and the company since it began and we want to look towards the future. With the celebration of Ramadan and our common shared values, we want to express our generosity with our consumer base through various means of media including our very own X Fans community in the Infinix XClub”.

Infinix XClub Activities

The key topic during the month of Ramadan on Infinix XClub is “Express Your Generosity” where users are invited to post and pray for blessings with the opportunities to get red envelopes and Infinix smartphones as gifts throughout the event. Infinix aims to increase brand & cultural awareness amongst X Fans during Ramadan.

Break Your Fast with Infinix

The Infinix Indonesian Office will invite 30 members of the press of KOLs to join a breakfasting session in a top-class restaurant where a presentation of current products will take place alongside fun & games to entertain the media. Infinix will use this opportunity to spread the message of its core values which align with the mission of Ramadan. The event will be showcased on both Infinix and attending guestssocial media. The Infinix ZERO 5G will also be launching in Indonesia during Ramadan and will be showcased to the press during the event.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Infinix will partner with social organization to create a corporate social responsibility movement that aligns with the overarching theme. In Pakistan, this will include collaborating with an NGO to donate laptops to their most outstanding young students alongside having some digital/tech-based training as well. In Iraq, the main activity of Ramadan is sharing food, and Infinix will be donating food baskets to IDPS (Internally displaced people who were forced to leave their homes because of the war) to share their appreciation of the holy month’s culture and tradition. Instagram KOLs will join the campaign alongside with infinix team to do the distribution for people in need.

Infinix’s brand has always been focused on young users in emerging markets around the world, developing attainably priced top-quality technology that empowers their daily lives. Infinix has gained a sizable loyal fanbase in these markets by connecting with people, learning about what they most want and need within a certain price point and then delivering that technology. Throughout Ramadan, Infinix has expressed its generosity through these activities and looks forward to more future opportunities to build a deep & meaningful connection with users.


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