Indus Motor Company takes centre stage in advocating for safer roads in Pakistan.

Indus Motor Company (IMC) joined the world to mark the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week, becoming the first automobile manufacturer in Pakistan’s history to undertake such an initiative. The catchphrase, “I am a Road Safety Leader”, resonated across the company as it stressed for the need for safer roads across the country during the week-long campaign.

The week aptly kicked-off with IMCs CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali’s video message to his entire team of over four thousand employees, that emphasized the need to always fasten seatbelts and remaining cognizant of the fact that road safety is every person’s responsibility. He also invited them to become Road Safety Leaders.

As part of the immersive awareness raising campaign, IMC launched a dedicated micro landing page on the company’s website where users could test their knowledge on road safety and earn a badge to become a Toyota Road Safety Leader.

Chief Executive, Ali Asghar Jamali, expressing himself said, “Pakistan has one of the highest road traffic accident rates in the world; 75 percent of road crashes in the economically productive age. What we see happening on the roads today is really disappointing; an utter civic responsibility deficit. I strongly feel that what’s needed is a 360 degree turn in behavioral change at the individual level. Road safety is a collective responsibility and by working together we can surely make a difference and create safer and more sustainable cities for ourselves and other around us. Campaigning during the global week gives us exactly this opportunity to reach out to people within and outside the company to become advocates of road safety as Toyota Road Safety Leaders.”

IMCs Ambassador for Road Safety, Mr Niaz Malik, has played a pivotal role in driving awareness through various channels. His virtual and interactive meet with the company’s employees during the global week, garnered much interest as he advocated road safety consciousness through his own near fatal road accident and life altering experience.

Other activities during the week included sending out powerful text messages to 100,000 customers; dedicated awareness sessions for its van transport staff, ensuring their active involvement in promoting road safety. Adding an even more powerful emotional touch to the campaign, IMC showcased survival stories of IMC employees who have experienced road accidents and triumphed over adversity. These courageous individuals have become passionate advocates of road safety, inspiring others to embrace responsible driving habits to protect the lives of their loved ones and fellow citizens. Employees, including the top management also had the opportunity to be photographed with road safety pledges which best resonated with them.

IMC’s pioneering efforts during the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week have set a new benchmark in the automobile industry and beyond. With unwavering determination, IMC continues to lead the change in creating a culture of road safety and reinforcing the belief that every individual has the power to make a positive impact.


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