Indiscriminate action urged against sewage system obstructors in Korangi Industrial Area, KATI

The President of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), Faraz-ur-Rehman, has called for immediate action to be taken against those obstructing the sewage system in the industrial area. Highlighting the issue of stone wash waste severely clogging the sewerage, he emphasized the need for KATI members and Korangi industrialists to refrain from dumping waste into the drains.

Faraz-ur-Rehman shared his concerns with the media during his visit to review the drains and development works in Korangi Industrial Area. Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohammadi, media representatives, and staff from relevant departments accompanied him during the visit.

In order to improve the sewerage system and infrastructure of the Korangi Industrial Area, KATI, under Faraz-ur-Rehman’s guidance, procured machinery and initiated the cleaning of drains. Many of these drains had remained blocked for numerous years. The President acknowledged that KATI had taken on this responsibility despite a delayed response from the Sindh government, which had initially been approached for assistance in improving the industrial area’s infrastructure.

Faraz-ur-Rehman expressed gratitude to former administrator Saifur Rehman and the Sindh government for their support, albeit delayed. Presently, six excavators and two winching machines are engaged in the ongoing drain cleaning operation, with KATI providing three excavators and both winching machines. Haji Rafiq Pardesi generously contributed two excavators, and Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Zaidi provided one excavator. Consequently, the cleaning efforts are covering a total area of 14 kilometers.

The KATI President extended special thanks to Haji Rafiq Pardesi for his full cooperation and also expressed appreciation for the personal interest taken by Administrator Muhammad Sharif and Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Zaidi in the cleaning operation.

During the drain cleaning process, factory waste and sacks deliberately thrown into the system to block it were discovered. Faraz-ur-Rehman vowed to take action against those responsible. He appealed to all KATI members to ensure proper waste disposal from their factories, including stonewash, warning that relevant authorities would be authorized to take action if necessary.


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