Ilma University’s Dean publishes an Epic book available on Amazon

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Dr Asif Kamran, the Dean, Faculty Management Sciences of Ilma University proudly publishes a well researched and widely acclaimed book titled, ‘Impediments Being Faced by Pakistani Companies: in the export of processed fish to European countries’. This is truly a glorious milestone accomplished by the University as its faculty enters the coveted author category with international acclaim.

This book excavates and expounds the findings about the invaluable fishery resources of the country, traces its historical origins and the role it plays in economic development. Dr Asif Kamran, the author of this renowned book, delves into the descriptions and details for deductive reasoning and the vital process of fish to the far-flung areas. He highlights the importance of trade and export for the critical revenue generation.

One critic points out, ‘This book has acted as a net for the fishing industry and presents the facts with the subcontinent in focus which has uplifted the mentioned categories altogether.’

This proves the emphasis placed by Ilma University on research and development. The University ensures the analysis, investigations and surveys at multiple levels for overall quality enhancement with the promotion of original publications.

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