Ilma University collaborated with the governor house to create awareness about breast cancer across the nation

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ILMA University celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October in collaboration with the Governor House on Monday, 19th October 2020 at its Main Campus Auditorium. The supreme topic under discussion was “Timely Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Guarantees A Healthy Life”. This auspicious event was held under the kind patronage of Begum Samina Alvi – First Lady of Pakistan. The honorable Chief Guest was none other than the distinguished Begum, Governor Sindh, Mrs. Reema Imran Ismail.

Mrs. Mahwish Faraz Lakhani, President, ILMA University presided over the entire proceedings which was attended by the esteemed Guests of Honor including Mrs. Qaisra Ali, Dr. Rubina, Dr. Umme Raheel, Dr. Kousar, Ms. Maryam Taki, Ms. Hira Anis, Ms. Nighat Mehmood, Ms. Musarrat Jabeen, Ms. Tayyaba, Ms. Zarmina Bakhtiar, Ms. Maneeza Omar, Ms. Nashmia Rauf, Ms. Farrah Rehman, Ms. Misbah Ishaq Khalid and Ms. Gulrekh.

One intrigued attendee commented, ‘I applaud the efforts that ILMA has exerted to shed light on Breast Cancer and given it the forum it deserves to be conveyed across to the masses.’

ILMA University indeed put the health in focus and that to women health which was addressed at a national level. This grand event was organized keeping in adherence to the SOPs to maintain the health and safety of all present. It was yet another remarkable accomplished by the University in bringing to the limelight the most pertinent breast cancer which a common ailment dealt by the women from all walks of life. It was vital to recognize and create awareness regarding such health areas so timely preventions can be taken.


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