Ilma raised a voice to reduce inequality in its Webinar targeted at the Global Sustainable Development Goal

ILMA took to the virtual platform to speak out on the topic of Reduced Inequalities which is the Sustainable Development Goal # 10. It was a bold step taken by the University to organize an impactful virtual session on this highly sensitive issue. This remarkable webinar was led by Oghenewaire Nikoro – Associate at DNL Partners, Founder at Life Beyond Disability, Arbitrator, Advocate ICP, ACIARB, AICMC, LL.B, BL. Being a strong advocate of Reduced Inequalities, Oghenewaire is herself specially-abled with a loss of an arm. This made her a very powerful speaker for the cause.

It was extremely important to be considered equal and equally competent is important both in personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, in the world, it has become difficult to register one as same without the interference of various attitudes and biases which mirror the society. In this inspirational webinar, Oghenewaire spoke selflessly about the blatant fact that discriminatory issues and prejudiced views should be brought to the table to be fully addressed. There should be no individual considered less competent due to any quirks in personality whether mental or physical without being given a chance.

According to this Coach, ‘Reduced Inequalities can be eliminated only by providing favourable conditions to all irrespective of disability.’

There is always a window to fair opening and further opportunity to all the individuals equally to make the society flourish. ILMA took this amazing session with this enlightened woman to the next level and showed its selfless support for this global SDG. The University comprehended the significance of giving equal chances and allowing individuals to give their best in an enabling environment as that was the only route to diminishing inequalities.

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