Ilma hosts a live webinar to develop entrepreneurial skills

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Ilma University places its fingers on the pulse of the professions and organized a Live Webinar on Entrepreneurial Skills on Tuesday, 8th December. This was certainly the most sought after topic which is making waves across the globe. More so, since the pandemic scenario has completely changed the work dynamics more and more, people have turned towards business ventures and startups for better returns of investment. 

Hence, Ilma University took this to another level by arranging a Live Webinar by Dr Rana Zain ul Abideen who stood at the helm of activity to show how the entrepreneurial skills could be developed and an enterprising mindset shaped. This was truly a refreshing outlook where many were ready to equip themselves with the most successful skills to survive on their own globally.
As reiterated by Dr Zain, ‘The key to success is to become an entrepreneur and cross the sides from being an employee to an employer.’ 

This is definitely a sure hit way to become accomplished fast. Ilma University realized the importance of being enterprising and emphasizing on developing entrepreneurial skills. This is a blatant fact that a thriving economy requires people thinking and working towards growth through all possible avenues. And in the world of the entrepreneurs, even the sky is not the limit!

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