Illegal recruitment scandal in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa unearthed

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On Sunday, Dr Murtaza Mughal, President of Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW), said law violations and ignoring merit in government recruitments should be stopped. Ignoring transparency violates the rights of the masses, and their trust in the system is shaken, he added. Immediate action should be taken against those doing any corruption or nepotism anywhere in the country, he demanded. Dr Murtaza Mughal said this while talking to a delegation of government officers from Peshawar.

The delegation informed that the PTI leaders violated all the laws and requirements and created one hundred and twenty-eight new posts in the provincial assembly and recruited them.

More than one hundred officers were recruited in grades sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen, while a private recruiting agency owned by a politician was used to bypass the relevant government agencies.

In this regard, the legal requirement of the advertisement was fulfilled, but the number of vacancies should have been mentioned in it. Similarly, the lists of successful and unsuccessful candidates after tests and interviews were also hidden.

According to the delegation, politicians and important officers recruited their sons and relatives, while the position holder candidates failed the test. The officers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province alleged that apart from adjusting the relatives of top politicians and important bureaucrats, bribes were taken from the people who have been given jobs.

Those working in minor positions in other departments have been given senior positions in the KP assembly, and some are now receiving salaries from both departments. They informed that all the relevant institutions and anti-corruption agencies had been told about this illegality, but no action was taken against the violation, which is surprising.

Dr Mughal said that no one should be allowed to misuse their position and waste resources to shake the public’s trust for petty personal interests.

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