IBF International Consulting hosted a Toolkit Distribution Ceremony for GIZ-PME’s Training-led Employment Project

IBF International Consulting, a leading implementing partner of the Programme for Migration Development of GIZ, organized a momentous project closing ceremony followed by in-kind support to beneficiaries as part of its comprehensive training-led employment support project. The ceremony marked a significant milestone of the project by empowering returnees and local individuals with the necessary skills and resources to secure sustainable self- employment opportunities in Pakistan.

The training-led employment project, an initiative of Programme for Migration Development of GIZ in collaboration with IBF and IConsult, aims to address the growing need for skilled workers returning from Germany& Europe, Gulf & Middle East, South-East and East Asia, Oceania, North America and Southern Africa. The beneficiaries have received training in: Digital Skills, Technical Skills, and Soft Skills. Digital skills and technical skills each included four tailor-made courses whereas soft skills included business development, access to interest-free micro-finance loan schemes and business development training. By offering comprehensive training programs, hands-on skill development, and in-kind support, the project aimed to bridge the gap between market and start-ups, fostering sustainable economic growth in Pakistan.

The toolkit distribution ceremony, held at Serena Islamabad, was attended by esteemed dignitaries, government officials, community leaders, project participants, and representatives from partnering organizations. The event began with a warm welcome and an overview of the training-led employment project’s objectives, delivered by the Director iConsult, Mr. Muhammad Kaleem Sindhu.

During the ceremony, Team Leader of the training-led Employment, Ms. Sadaf Abid highlighted the importance of equipping individuals with the right tools and knowledge to thrive in the job market. She emphasized the role of training programs in empowering participants, especially the returnees, to develop essential skills, such as digital skills, entrepreneurial skills, start-ups that are in high demand in the country.

Dr. Mansoor Zaib Khan, National Team Leader of the Program Migration for Development (PME)), Pakistan, who was the chief guest of the ceremony, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative efforts and the positive impact the training-led employment support project has made. He commended IBF and IConsult for their dedication towards uplifting returnees from Germany and various countries throughout the world and empowering them to embark on sustainable business journeys in Pakistan.

Following the speeches, the distribution of toolkits to the final batch participants commenced, symbolizing the transfer of practical resources to project participants. Each toolkit contained a carefully curated selection of industry-specific tools and equipment, enabling trainees to apply their newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.


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