You are currently viewing HUBCO has received its share of USD 32 million from its joint venture, CPHGC..

HUBCO has received its share of USD 32 million from its joint venture, CPHGC..

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The Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO), Pakistan’s largest Independent Power Producer (IPP), will hold its Corporate Analysts Briefing on February 20, 2024. A pre-briefing uploaded by HUBCO on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) today contains very good news for the shareholders and gives an idea about forthcoming dividends over time. Recalled that HUBCO already announced its 2QFY24 result wherein the company reported profit to equity owners of Rs15bn (EPS of Rs11.8), up 15% YoY while down 11% QoQ. HUBC announced an interim cash dividend of Rs4/share along with the results.

According to Corporate Analysts Briefing, HUBCO’s joint venture, CPHGC, disbursed its first dividend of USD 70 million in Nov’23. HUBCO has received its share of USD 32 million.

  • First-fill arbitration has been concluded, and the decision has been awarded in favour of HUBCO.
  • HUBCO has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement with HBL for the acquisition of approximately 9.5% shares of SECMC
  • Under the COD of TEL and TNPTL and the commencement of dividends from CPHGC, the repayment of loans for investments in Thar coal and imported coal projects has accelerated. Total repayments in HY2024 amounted to PKR 2.3 billion, with total loans at PKR 17.2 billion (June 30, 2023: PKR 19.5 billion).
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