Hotel Owner arrested in Quetta for Stealing Gas.

SSGC continued with its targeted drive to control the menace of gas theft across its franchise areas of operation. Quetta team of Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS & CGTO) conducted a joint raid on ‘Shah Dasterkhuwan Hotel, Hazaar Ganji, Quetta and arrested the hotel’s owner Saadullah who had tampered with a 4″ dia gas pipeline for using direct gas for commercial consumption. FIR was lodged against the accused SSGC’s Quetta Police Station. An appropriate theft claim is being raised, too.

Meanwhile, the Theft Control team of the Customer Relations Department (CRD) and the Distribution Department jointly removed more than 83 illegal gas connections. The CRD team raided domestic customers in various areas of Karachi, including Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Bismillah Colony, Bin Qasim Zone and Malir Zone, where the residents had illegally extended gas supply arrangements from the existing meter points and service points through rubber pipes. Approximately 66,000 cubic meters of year of gas was being stolen from these localities, against which the respective gas theft claims are being raised.

In Larkana Region, the raiding teams removed 06 illegal overhead theft connections. Clamps and rubber pipes used in the theft were removed during the raids, against which gas theft claims are being raised.


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