Home Net Pakistan initiated training of home based workers garment

Home Net Pakistan, a dedicated organisation for the welfare of home-based workers, successfully conducted a training session at Nursing College Baldia Town for the benefit and well-being of home based workers G&T. The session, focusing on the health and safety of garment and textile workers in supply chain, aimed to raise awareness about health issues and educate workers on protecting themselves from hazardous environments, especially when dealing with various chemicals at home.

Mr. Babar Raza, Program Manager of Home Net Pakistan, expressed pride in addressing the significance of this training program. He emphasised the organisation’s commitment to empowering home-based workers with necessary knowledge and skills to ensure their safety and projected environments at home. Ms. Mahreen Arif, Provincial Coordinator of Home Net Pakistan, highlighted the organisation’s endeavour not only to educate and empower workers within Pakistan but also to promote a safer and more supportive working environment for workers not only with in working environment but also outside of their houses. Such initiatives may play a crucial role for protection of their rights and conducive atmosphere within in community.

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude from Mr. Babar Raza-Program Manager and Ms. Mahreen Arif Provincial Coordinator of Home Net Pakistan, respectively, to all the participants.

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