Headstart provides female entrepreneurs with a platform.

Young female entrepreneurs were provided with a platform to showcase their products during a spring festival held at a local school. The event was organized by Headstart School, Gulmohar Campus, in which many students, their parents, teachers, and female entrepreneurs participated. The exhibition gives women an opportunity to display their products, and it also helps new entrepreneurs in boosting their businesses.

Dazzling décor and pleasant wind served a relaxed festival feels on the day, with live music and a variety of delectable food. A mix of local and international food vendors continued serving the most palatable street food to assuage our taste buds. Participants took great interest in the Art n’ Craft stall, which sold beautiful handmade jewellery and creative tile art designed by students.

Aiming to help small businesses, lots of talented artisans shared their goods, made profits, and introduced themselves to the local market. Students eagerly wandered through stalls with their friends and families while teens flocked to amusement rides to enjoy the scenic view of the capital from above in the Ferris wheel. 

At the occasion, the Principal of the Headstart School, Gulmohar Campus, Lubna Fareed, said that in today’s economic climate, when many entrepreneurs struggle to stay afloat, it’s paramount to support our females trying to find their niche.

She added that we have collaborated with small businesses and offered them this platform to support their growth and help the community.

Women entrepreneurs thanked the school for providing them with an opportunity. Principal said that women entrepreneurs significantly contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction, creating new jobs for themselves and others.

Gender equality across every aspect of society is a fundamental human right and essential for our communities to be safe, prosperous, and to thrive, she added.

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