HBL and Agrilift join forces to accelerate digitization efforts in Pakistan’s agriculture sector

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HBL, Pakistan’s leading financial institution, has entered into a strategic partnership with Agrilift, to accelerate the digitization efforts in the agriculture sector. This move reiterates HBL’s commitment to playing a leading role in developing the agricultural sector and promoting food security, under the guidance of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) and in line with Pakistan’s strategic priorities.

Agrilift, a pioneer in innovative agricultural solutions, is collaborating with HBL to deploy its advanced ‘Farm Monitoring’ solution, Agrilift SmartRisk. This state-of-the-art solution will provide HBL with invaluable insights into farming practices, crop yields, and potential risks. By leveraging Agrilift SmartRisk, HBL aims to enhance its credit limits for farmers, based on performance data.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ahmed Naazer Minhaj, Head Agriculture Banking – HBL, stated, “By harnessing Agrilift’s technology, HBL is poised to revolutionize the crop lending cycle, ensuring greater financial inclusion and security for farmers. This partnership will provide farmers with the tools they need to optimize their farm practices.”

Speaking on the occasion, Jawwad Hasan, CEO – Agrilift, said, “This collaboration with HBL aligns perfectly with our strategic vision to reshape Pakistan’s agricultural sector. By integrating Agrilift SmartRisk into HBL’s operations, we are enabling data-driven decision-making that will not only benefit HBL but also empower farmers across the country.”

Photo: Ahmed Naazer Minhaj, Head Agriculture Banking – HBL (sitting 2nd from left), and Jawwad Hasan, CEO – Agrilift (sitting 3rd from right) signed the agreement. Senior members from both organizations were also present on this occasion.


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