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A function, comprised hamd, na’at, speeches, poetic tribute, tableau and dua-i-Said, of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter was held yesterday, organized by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan at a local hotel. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest, former governor of Sindh and ex-federal interior minister, Lt. Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider said that Hakim Said, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ramzan Cheapa, LRBT Eye Hospital and Indus Hospital were those persons and organizations that were the real source of Pakistan’s power and strength and without solidness of character nothing great can be done in the world and wherever a man of character would go he would do the best for the nation, he added.


‘Qualities of leadership are quite necessary even in army and fifty per cent marks are reserved for those who have leadership quality, he said and added that he had joined army as captain and fought the 1965 war at the fronts of Khem Karan and Chiwindah. Pakistan won this war because of the velour of its soldiers, skills and strategy of its trained armies and also with the tremendous support from the people of Pakistan who stood like a rock behind their army.


‘Pakistan is a gift from blue and achieved with great sacrifices rendered by the Muslims. There are definitely some wrongs with Pakistan like disunity, greed for money and corruption, but that can be corrected with the good things and there is no dearth of good people and things in Pakistan’, he said adding that we should get them round those wrong people who were doing suicide bombings killing themselves and other innocent fellow-men. He said, it was the duty of parents and then of teachers to do character building of the children and to mould them according to the Pakistani culture.


Appreciating the speeches of young speakers he said that they had raised many good points and aspects of our society which should be taken into consideration. The old and new generations must try to become good human beings in order to make Pakistan a good and worth living country he added. Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan while addressing the function said that to save Pakistan from internal and external threats was the sole responsibility of all of us.


‘Our armies are equipped with latest arms and ammunitions and patriotism and can defend our country. Our army had also played an important role in restoring peace in other parts of the world, being a part of UN peace force and received applaud’, she said, adding that according to one of sayings of Hakim Said that “war of defense can only be fought and won by the power of national character”.


‘Disunity, injustice, selfishness and negligence render a nation in the state of slavery as was happened in Spain and India and Muslims lost their sovereignty in these places. However, by the grace of God, Pakistan is made and Muslims regained their sovereignty’, she contended. She advised the children and youths that they should be law-abiding, love their country, always speak truth, keep themselves united, and give full attentions to their study. It was also the responsibility of the present generation to provide all facilities of education and training to the new generation. We should take a vow today to keep unity in our ranks, love and build Pakistan, being a house of ours and last resort to us, she concluded. Young speakers, Hamna Shakil, Hafiz Obaidur Rehman, Mohammed Hussain, Samra Abid, Azeen Shahid, Mohammed Ibad Ali and Mahnoor also spoke. Maryam Akbar compared the function.


CAPTION :-  Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Chief Guest, former governor of Sindh and ex-federal interior minister, Lt. Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider and Naunehal Speakers  addressing at Hamdard Naunehal Assembly.

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