Gulftainer holds a roadshow in China.

Gulftainer, a leading regional ports and terminals operator, and tailored supply chain and logistics solutions provider, has conducted a successful roadshow in China to highlight the integrated trade and logistics capabilities of the UAE’s gateways in the Northern Emirates, which are strategically located on Sharjah’s coast both inside and outside the Straits of Hormuz, serving the major east-west shipping routes, the UAE and the wider Indian Ocean rim. 

The roadshow was held from 23rd to 30th November in Shenzhen, Nansha, Beijing and Qingdao. Headed by Andrew Hoad, Chief Commercial Officer of Gulftainer and included Zina Sujith, General Manager – Shipping Lines and Daniel Caton, Managing Director of Momentum Logistics, the delegation held a series of meetings with key industry players in the supply chain and logistics, freight forwarding, and manufacturing sectors.

Andrew Hoad, Chief Commercial Officer of Gulftainer, said: “We see a wave of opportunity for our strategically located trade gateways in the UAE’s Northern Emirates as both Sharjah Container Terminal and Khorfakkan Container Terminal offer a suite of tailored supply chain and logistics solutions in response to the evolving market dynamics. Our flagship facilities can help cut the time, distance and cost while adding to the resilience of the industry.”

Throughout these meetings, Gulftainer aims to build international partnerships and engage with representatives of the Chinese trade sector to showcase the unique value proposition of Sharjah Container Terminal, the first container terminal in the Middle East established to handle container, bulk, Ro-Ro and general cargo. Also, Khorfakkan Container Terminal, one of the world’s most productive ports, which is capable of handling the world’s largest container vessels, general cargoes for the UAE market and beyond.

“Gulftainer is looking to build advantageous trade alliances to enhance trade connectivity between China and the UAE throughout the pivotal hubs of Sharjah Container Terminal and Khorfakkan Container Terminals,” Hoad added. “This roadshow signifies a new avenue of opportunities that can bring real value to our customers and our trade landscape in the region, as we are striving to unlock supply chain and logistics capabilities in our region.”

Gulftainer continues to significantly collaborate with international trade solutions providers and transportation industry leaders to optimise supply chain and logistics efficiency, reinforcing its position as a leading regional hub for resilient trade.  



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