GreenStar Social Marketing holds awareness programs on “World Population Day”

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Commemorating the ‘World Population Day’, GreenStar Marketing (GSM) arranged multiple activities to spread more awareness about socio-economic challenges created by unabated population growth and the current public-health crisis. The insightful events conducted on this occasion included: Providers’ Engagement Program – via GSM YouTube Channel and Providers’ Safety Program.

The Provider’s Engagement Program offered valuable information about disease-education, with focus on the Novel CoronaVirus, along with preventive measures to overcome the pandemic. GSM also initiated a series of live training sessions about scientific, medical and family healthcare topics. These included; effective Childbirth Spacing, Mother & Child Health, Post-Abortion Care, Reducing Unsafe Abortion, Anemia and Pregnancy, Women’s Nutritional Requirements and Mental-Health during the Pandemic.

Experts from all over Pakistan shared their practical experiences about managing patients during clinical practices in a COVID-19 World. Service providers were invited to follow the link, to access opportunities to seek answers, discuss and learn from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the field of Gynae. Para-medical staff could also seek assistance in treatment and care of Mother & Child Health, through the GSM platform.

Provider’ Safety Program – titled: Since the Covid-19 has changed the Global horizon and the way of living in the world. Now it is critical to ensure safety first. This program was designed for the valuable medical professionals who are selflessly providing Family Planning services at their clinics, even during this life-threatening outbreak. The prime objective of this program is to inspire the frontline medical professionals to choose protection and get safety, while serving the society. The idea was to safeguard the precious lives of our service providers.

The Chief Executive Officer of GSM – Dr. Syed Azizur Rab congratulated his team and thanked the participating doctors for their overwhelming response to these informative programs. He said that: “We have urged the Government to declare Family-Planning and Reproductive Health Services as “Essential”, in light of a UNFPA report that estimates 5 million expected births within this year in Pakistan. Our World Population Day activities are aimed at empowering the masses, by giving them ‘ikhtiyaar’ (authority)”.

To eradicate this globally spread infection of Covid-19, GSM is also distributing free of cost Safety Kits to more than 1000 service providers all over Pakistan, so they can treat their patients, day and night, without any threat to their own health.

The World Population Day highlights the negative impact of rapid growth in global population, over the centuries. Rising population has led to tremendous increase in the need for food, water and commodities, while creating scarcity of essential products and services like healthcare and education. Industrialization and fossil fuels are also polluting the air. This phenomena has necessitated family-planning, women-empowerment and energy conservation, to ensure health, economic-wellbeing and environmental sustainability in future.

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