Global education expo facilitated unparalleled opportunities for students.

TCL Global organised the “Global Education Expo” to foster global educational opportunities for students to explore international academic avenues. This event offered students attractive scholarships as per students’ varied interests and also hosted renowned international stakeholders, university representatives of more than 20 top-ranked universities, and key players such as the British Council (IELTS) and PTE for students’ counselling and guidance.

The expo was curated to offer students an immersive experience, focusing on informative kiosks and one-to-one interactive sessions. The event’s highlight was Mr. Ryan Powell, Global Director of Partnerships, TCL Global, who presented global perspectives and led insightful sessions on various facets of international education.

Mr. Powell emphasised the importance of global education and said, “Education knows no boundaries, and the Global Education Expo provides a platform for students to explore the vast world of possibilities. Students receive important insights from their connections with institutions and global stakeholders that extend beyond the classroom and textbooks. This occasion serves as evidence of the influence that international cooperation will have on the direction of education.”

Faisal Mahmood, the Country Director of TCL Global Pakistan, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The Global Education Expo served as a gateway for students to explore endless possibilities in the world of education. We believe that fostering global connections is crucial for personal and professional growth, and this expo aimed to bridge the gap between aspiring students and international opportunities.”

The expo provided a unique opportunity for students and faculty to engage directly with experienced counsellors and international stakeholders. Attendees gained valuable insights into scholarships, career growth prospects, and post-study work opportunities. This immersive experience was tailored to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional journeys.

In reflecting on the success of the Global Education Expo, Faisal Mahmood added, “We are committed to facilitating educational opportunities that transcend borders. The positive response from students and educational institutions affirms the need for such initiatives, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in connecting Pakistani students with global educational excellence.”


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