FPCCI suggests “Treatment of industrial wastewater using an innovative membrane bioreactor”

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A FPCCI seminar in collaboration with US-Pakistan Center of Advanced Studies in Water (USPCASW), Mehran University of Engineering and Technology held at FPCCI Head Office Karachi which was largely attended by the Participants from all walk of life including industry, academia, civil society. 

The FPCCI Chief in his welcome address underscored the need of use of modern technology for treatment of effluent industrial water and making it re-usable. He stressed on enhancing the role of industry-academia collaboration to resolve environmental and waste problem being faced by the industry. He assured the FPCCI full support and cooperation in creating awareness amongst industrialists on environmental damage of coastal areas of Karachi mainly due to effluent water. He thanked Dr. Zubair Ahmed and his team for continuous efforts to find economically viable environmental solutions and appreciate their work.

Muslim Mohammadi, Vice president of FPCCI emphasized the need for collaborative work to treat and reuse of waste process water.

Prof. Dr. Zubair Ahmed of US-Pakistan Center of Advanced Studies in Water (USPCASW), Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro in his keynote address delivered two subjects during the session (i) Treatment and reuse of fish processing wastewater and (ii) Treatment of textile wastewater using an innovative membrane bioreactor. He discussed his work completed in M/s M.A. Mohamedi & Co. Pvt Ltd by installing laboratory- and pilot-scale reactors to treat wastewater and make the treated water fit for reuse. On his second subject, he described the problems of textile processing industries in Korangi Industrial and Trade Estate (KITE) and pointed out the combined effluent treatment plant is needed for the treatment of textile wastewater. He shared his work conducted by his team and identified a suitable site for the proposed wastewater treatment plant. Dr. Zubair Ahmed suggested that the funds for construction of the proposed wastewater treatment plant for textile industries in KITE could be arranged through the export development fund (EDF) and land can be acquired through the Government of Sindh. He invited industrial associations to come forward and adopt the proposed solutions for wastewater management of the industries.

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