For the third decade, the LUX Style Awards will celebrate and honor Pakistani talent.

The LUX Style Awards (LSA) have continued to be the pinnacle of talent recognition in Pakistan for the last 21 years. The annual award ceremony has remained committed to the entertainment industry and served the people of our country by acknowledging the commendable work of their favorite artists during the previous year. The awards empower diverse voices across Pakistan and play an instrumental role in promoting local talent and putting our stars on the world map.

Asima Haq, Beauty and Wellbeing and Personal Care Head, Unilever Pakistan, said, “As we stay true to this vision, we also realize that our country is facing one of the biggest calamities of all time. We want to use this stage to also support Pakistanis whose lives have been impacted by the floods.” To this end, Unilever Pakistan has contributed close to USD 1 million in rehabilitation efforts aimed at creating climate-resilient infrastructure, sustainable housing, and microfinance for re-enabling lost livelihoods with the hope that this gesture will support the flood victims as they rebuild their lives.”

With this sentiment, LSA will acknowledge the hard work of the entertainment industry in a befitting manner and light up its stage to bring positivity and hope to all Pakistanis.

 About the LUX Style Awards: The LUX Style Awards are Pakistan’s most prestigious and widely acknowledged awards ceremony. The awards are a yearly celebration of entertainment and media where the finest talents from fashion, film, music, and television are recognized for their accomplishments in their respective fields. The televised event garners a viewership of millions every year and records a staggering number of votes from the general public.


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