foodpanda launches “Share The Table” to support local startups

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foodpanda, a leading global food delivery network and pioneer in Q-Commerce and technology is excited to announce the launch of its new initiative, “Share The Table,” aimed at supporting and empowering startups in the Karachi area. As a company committed to creating convenience and magical experiences, foodpanda is extending its impact beyond its own operations and is determined to leave a lasting positive influence on the community.

Since its humble beginnings as a small company in a Karachi living room, foodpanda has grown into a prominent player in the global food delivery network as part of DeliveryHero. Recognized as a leader in Q-Commerce and technology, foodpanda is poised to reshape the tech industry and contribute to the success of young startups through partnerships, mentorship, and fostering meaningful conversations.

Acknowledging the current economic challenges faced by both local and international tech companies, foodpanda believes that tech leaders should go beyond offering mere words of encouragement. It is now their collective duty to step up and provide support to young businesses in whatever ways possible.

With this commitment in mind, foodpanda is proud to introduce “Share The Table.” Through this initiative, foodpanda invites startups to work out of their Karachi head office, providing them with an amazing workspace and access to invaluable resources. The aim is to uplift the tech startup space and enable aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their objectives.

One of the first startups to benefit from the “Share The Table” initiative is BusCaro, an incredible team that launched in Karachi in 2022. BusCaro’s ambition is to simplify reliable and secure mobility in Pakistan for both men and women. Utilizing technology-driven transport solutions, BusCaro offers consistent rates, comfortable vehicles, and safe rides. Currently operational in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, BusCaro employs over 50 dedicated individuals working towards their common goal.

If you are a startup seeking an exceptional workspace in Karachi, foodpanda is delighted to share its table with you. Interested startups are encouraged to fill out the form available on the foodpanda website. Please note that only shortlisted entries will be contacted.

Together, foodpanda and aspiring startups can create magical experiences and contribute to the growth of the tech industry in Pakistan.

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