foodpanda and Ramadan: A perfect combination for delivery riders to make extra money

During the holy month of Ramadan, there is a significant shift in the dining habits of people as well as the choice of cuisines. While some people might prefer to break their fast at home with their own home-cooked meals, there is still a large quantum of people who prefer to eat out or order food through restaurants or homecehfs during iftar and/or sehri. The latter continues to be of significant interest to consumers and more importantly provides an opportunity for delivery riders to earn sustainable livelihoods during the holy month of Ramazan. foodpanda, in particular with its vast network of restaurant partners, homechefs etc and seamless delivery service, provides scalable economic opportunities for riders particularly during these difficult times as well as an ability to work flexibly as they deem appropriate.

We spoke to some of the delivery riders who work with foodpanda to learn about their experiences during Ramadan and how they were able to supplement their earnings. Here are some of their testimonials:

Muhammad Ali, a foodpanda delivery rider from Lahore, said: “We’ve all been impacted by the on-going economic crunch and with foodpanda, I have a lot of flexibility in managing my orders and deliveries, which allows me to work more efficiently and maximise my earnings during Ramadan.”

Tanveer Akhtar, who works as a foodpanda delivery rider in Karachi, shared: “Working with foodpanda during Ramadan has been a great opportunity for me to earn extra money to support my family. With more people ordering food for iftar and sehri, I’m able to pick my own work schedule and earn more money. foodpanda has been instrumental in offering me and my family a sustainable livelihood and It’s a great feeling to be able to provide for my family and being able to celebrate Eid in its full spirit.”

Nasir Hussain, a foodpanda delivery rider from Islamabad, said: “Working with foodpanda during Ramadan has allowed me to gain more experience and develop my communication and time management skills. I have learned to work better and efficiently, which has empowered me financially.”

In conclusion, delivery riders can amplify their earnings during Ramadan by taking advantage of the steady demand for food delivery services. Platforms like foodpanda provide a great opportunity for riders to earn extra income before the Eid holidays. If you’re a delivery rider looking for an opportunity to make extra money this Ramadan, consider joining foodpanda’s delivery fleet. As Muhammad, Tanveer, and Nasir have shared, it could be a great way to get another step closer to your financial goals.


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