Fifth Sindh Literature Festival concluded at Arts Council of Pakistan

The 5th Sindh Literature Festival held at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi has ended with all its colours. The festival started with the launch of a book on “Universe Life and Man” in which Dr. Sikandar Mughal and Dr. Zulfiqar spoke while Dr. Bakht Jamal was the moderator. Dr. Sikandar Mughal said three important issues related to the universe.

Closing the topics in a jar that was not easy, human knowledge has clarified the relationship between scientific technology and the earth. There is no discussion here, but articles are taught on these topics internationally. He said that artificial intelligence is changing society. Reading this book will increase people’s knowledge. There are three parts of Dr. Zulfiqar’s book in detail about human history and beliefs, he said that before the Big Bang, a scientist thought that the universe was not the real Big Bang. He further added that according to Paul Davis’s book “Last Threats”, when the universe ends, the human brain is safe in a computer, the companies controlling computer data will rule the world. Have written This book is a link to that.

In the second session, Shabbir Kanyar’s book “Digital Sindhi Language” was discussed, directed by Dr. Ayub Sheikh. Language is the reason for the development of the world. Our state should promote the language; Shabir Kanyar said that there are websites for reading English newspapers, the youth have worked hard on it. We stand in one place. The new things we find in the world are slowly reaching us. We can write English in any style. He said that it was true that the British did not consider the language.

Obaid Theme said that there is still work to be done in English language calculation. Abdul Majeed Bharti expressed his views through his video. Books on “Sindhi Language” were also unveiled, while “Politics, Cinema, and Personality”, “Mirror of Sindhi Literature in Digital World”, “Modern World and Our Youth”, “Mother Language in Modern Literature”, and Conversation with Amr Jalil. Many writers have spoken on the topics of “We are proud of you”, “Pakistan’s foreign policy in the current situation”, “The case of Mehta Palace”, “Star of the Earth” and the past of print and electronic media. Saeed Ghani, Provincial Minister for Information and Labor, participated in the event.

There was a full musical program at Jaun Elia Lawn in which the musical performances of Sonia and Natasha, Amber Mehk, Rajab Faqir, and Ekma Band made a splash.

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