Faysal Bank complements State Bank’s efforts to enhance financial literacy

Faysal Bank Limited (FBL), a leading Islamic financial institution of Pakistan, has partnered with State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for ‘Pakistan Financial Literacy Week 2024’. Committed to fostering financial education and inclusivity, FBL furthers its pledge to complement the SBP efforts for this resourceful empowerment initiative.

Yousaf Hussain, President & CEO, Faysal Bank, expressed his views on the occasion, said, “Financial literacy is the stepping stone to financial inclusion especially amongst the vulnerable communities. We are also aware of nurturing sustainable development through our expansion strategy. At Faysal Bank, we stand firmly committed to the cause of financial education, especially Riba-free Islamic Banking. We will continue to complement the Government and Regulator’s focus on deepening financial inclusion.”

During the Pakistan Financial Literacy Week 2024, Faysal Bank teams will conduct educational camps across five districts of Pakistan, including Abbottabad, Bahawalnagar, Mirpur, Okara and Gilgit, for three consecutive days, starting 5 March 2024. To further the impact of the Pakistan Financial Literacy Week, volunteers from the Bank will also be conducting sessions with the children from underprivileged schools on saving money and highlighting the digital future of financial institutions. Through the National Financial Literacy Programme, the Bank empowers its employees with enhanced financial knowledge via an internal platform, Faysal Ecademy, which offers convenient access to educational resources and fosters continuous learning. Further details about Faysal Bank’s contribution to NFLP can be found at NFLP@faysalbank.


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