Fashion brands acknowledge Pakistan as a promising sourcing destination for leather footwear.

General Secretary of Pakistan Footwear Association, Ahmad Fawad Farooq as the keynote speaker at the International Summit on Consumer Trends and Supply Chain, held at Expo Riva del Garda in Italy on June 18, 2023, highlighted the strength and potential of Pakistan as a prime sourcing destination for leather footwear. His presentation captivated industry leaders, who enthusiastically expressed their intention to visit Pakistan this year for further exploration and collaboration opportunities.

With a dynamic and rapidly growing economy, Pakistan has emerged as a powerhouse in the manufacturing sector, particularly in quality footwear.

Ahmed Fawad Farooq emphasised two key factors contributing to Pakistan’s appeal as a sourcing destination: low labour costs and the abundant availability of raw materials.

He said that the cost advantage offered by Pakistan’s labour market had garnered significant attention from international brands. The country’s skilled workforce can produce high-quality footwear at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for fashion brands seeking cost-effective manufacturing solutions without compromising quality.

Further, he said, Pakistan’s abundance of raw materials, especially in the leather industry, enhances its appeal as a sourcing destination. The availability of premium-quality leather enables manufacturers to produce footwear of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This advantage, he said, positions Pakistan as an ideal choice for fashion brands looking to procure superior leather footwear for their discerning customers.

The endorsement of Pakistan as a promising sourcing destination for leather footwear by top fashion brands’ sourcing management is a testament to the country’s growing prominence in the global supply chain.

Their keen interest in visiting Pakistan this year demonstrates a strong commitment to exploring and leveraging Pakistan’s vast potential.

Ahmed Fawad Farooq expressed excitement regarding the fashion brands’ recognition of Pakistan’s strengths and potential. He stated, “I am thrilled that top fashion brands’ sourcing management has acknowledged Pakistan’s appeal as a sourcing destination for leather footwear. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Pakistan’s skilled workforce and the abundant resources we possess. We look forward to welcoming these esteemed brands to Pakistan and showcasing our country’s immense potential and quality.”

The visit of these renowned fashion brands to Pakistan will open new avenues for collaboration and provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth in the footwear industry. Pakistan’s manufacturing sector stands ready to embrace this influx of interest and deliver excellence in quality and efficiency to meet the needs of global fashion brands.

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