Fake Calls to general public impersonating as officials of State Bank of Pakistan

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There are reports that fake telephone calls are being made to public by individuals impersonating as officials of State Bank of Pakistan and seeking personal information like CNIC number, bank account number, passwords, etc. on the pretext of verification of banks account. They also threat that if such details are not provided their accounts will be closed or frozen.

General Public is informed that SBP does not seek such verifications directly with clients of commercial banks. State bank of Pakistan time and again informs general public through circulars, brochures and public awareness advertisements that people should remain beware of different kinds of frauds and should not share their personal or financial information like account number, PIN, ID, password, etc. to anyone.

Public is advised to be vigilant of such activities and inform law enforcement agencies about fraudsters. Further, they should immediately approach their bank in case of any loss arising due to illegal use of their credentials/information.


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