Ending street crimes in Korangi Industrial Area is a top priority, says SSP Tauheed Rehman Memon

Newly appointed SSP Korangi Tauheed Rehman Memon has pledged to prioritize the eradication of street crimes in the Korangi Industrial Area, emphasizing its importance as the economic hub of Karachi. In a show of unity, SSP Memon and the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) are working hand in hand, outlining collaborative measures being undertaken to tackle crime in the region. This includes the integration of modern technology systems to reduce criminal activities, a testament to the collective action being taken.

In his address, SSP Memon assured the industrial community that comprehensive planning is underway to address various issues, including traffic congestion and crime in areas such as Mehran Town. He emphasized the importance of mutual consultation and cooperation with KATI in solving these problems.

“By informing us in advance about the arrival of foreign investors, we can ensure their security is properly arranged,” said Memon, also highlighting the growing problem of encroachment and the need for effective strategies to combat it.

KATI President Johar Qandhari congratulated SSP Memon on his appointment and praised his previous commendable services in the police force. Qandhari expressed hope that Memon’s leadership would help curb the rising crime rate in Korangi. He noted a recent reduction in overall crime but voiced concern over the increase in street crimes, particularly the indiscriminate killings during robberies.

Qandhari stressed the urgent need to address these crimes to restore public confidence in the police and end the prevailing insecurity. He called for increased police patrolling in the Korangi Industrial Area to deter criminal elements, linking the rise in crime to inflation, unemployment, and deteriorating economic conditions.

Deputy Patron-in-Chief Zubair Chhaya highlighted the issue of extortion and blackmail by so-called labor welfare organizations in Korangi, urging immediate action to eliminate such elements. He advocated for enhanced police patrolling, blockades, and checkpoints in the industrial area. Chhaya pointed to the success of the neighborhood care security project in reducing crime in various sectors of Korangi, suggesting its expansion.

Danish Khan, Chairman of KATI’s Standing Committee for Law and Order, noted a significant reduction in serious crimes such as extortion and kidnapping for ransom in the city. However, he raised concerns about the surge in street crimes, robberies, and violence against traders, industrialists, and other citizens. Khan emphasized the need for immediate action, pointing out that roadside hotels are often hotspots for criminal activity.

Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohamedi, Former President Masood Naqi, Ehtshamuddin, Sheikh Umer Rehan, and other KATI members also discussed the law and order issues facing the Korangi industrial area.

Photo Caption: KATI President Johar Qandhari presenting a shield to SSP Korangi Tauheed Rehman Memon, with Zubair Chhaya, Danish Khan, Nighat Awan, Muslim Mohamedi, Ehtshamuddin, Sheikh Umer Rehan and Rehan Javed in attendance.


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