EBM acknowledged as the ‘Best Place to Work’ in Pakistan

English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) has earned the top position in the ‘Best Places to Work’ award in the FMCG Industry. The ranking portrays the commitment of EBM to continuously elevate the standards of its operations as well as its products. EBM’s tireless efforts have been recognized by the industry on numerous occasions.

The rankings have been compiled and issued after a thorough survey carried out by the ‘Pakistan Society of Human Resource Management (PSHRM) and ‘Engage Consulting’. It was introduced in the year 2008 when it started conducting the survey every alternate year. For the year 2021, 62 MNCs and 98 local organizations participated. The survey measured the level of engagement and commitment of employees with respect to the organizations and their vision.

EBM has won this accolade for the fourth time this year. Its continuous recognition in this prestigious ranking has proved EBM’s dedication and commitment towards creating and providing the best and most enabling workplace for its employees. EBM has successfully implemented the most enriching work-environment models, adapted from the most acceptable international standards. EBM offers ample space for its employees for constant growth, training sessions and other enrichment opportunities. At EBM, the employees are considered to be the most valuable assets of the enterprise.

Sharing her thoughts on this outstanding achievement, EBM’s Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Zeelaf Munir, stated: “It is a great honour to be acknowledged as the ‘Best Place to Work’ in the FMCG sector for the fourth consecutive time. We believe that an enabling culture helps to retain a devoted workforce. This victory is a clear reflection of our vision and ideals established through 55 years of operations, as well as EBM’s forward-thinking approach towards development.” She further added, “EBM has always prioritized achieving excellence and has maintained a performance-driven culture. Our strength comes from our inclination to trust our employees and their ability to lead their teams to success.”

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