Dr Farooq Sattar visited a cattle market for sacrificial animals on the Northern Bypass.

Dr. Farooq Sattar, in his media briefing about the market visit, detailed the satisfactory security arrangements at the cattle market. He also highlighted the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to further enhance these measures, providing reassurance to the public. MQM senior leader Dr Farooq Sattar visited the Northern Bypass Cattle Market and expressed satisfaction with the arrangements and security measures.

Muzaffar Hasan Khan, the Northern Bypass Cattle Market administrator, welcomed Dr Farooq Sattar and informed him about the facilities provided to traders and buyers. In his interactions with the media, Dr Farooq Sattar praised the cattle market as a symbol of Karachi. He congratulated the hardworking farmers and organisers who contributed to its success, promoting a positive image of the market and its stakeholders.

Dr Farooq Sattar mentioned that, as an elected representative and citizen, he visited the cattle market to review the security measures with law enforcement officers and the administration. He found the security situation at the Northern Bypass Cattle Market quite good.

He noted that the Northern Bypass Cattle Market is spacious, bordered by the Gadap on one side and the Hub area on the other. Although it is somewhat distant from central Karachi, it is safe, and no robbery incidents have been reported in or around the market. Dr Farooq Sattar stated that security details had been reviewed with law enforcement agencies and the administration, and the security arrangements at the Northern Bypass Cattle Market are effective.

Dr Farooq Sattar highlighted that most of the cattle at the Northern Bypass market are reared on quality feed. He stated that four hundred thousand animals are expected to be sold at the world’s largest cattle market, which has been held for 22 years, with the last two years at the Northern Bypass location. Dr Farooq Sattar visited various stalls at the Northern Bypass Cattle Market and expressed satisfaction with the health and quality of the high-breed cattle brought to the market.


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