Deep research in Tibb-I-Unani’s medicines stressed

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A one-day Seminar on “Hepatitis” was held yesterday in continuation of a series on ‘education and training of Tibb-i-Unani’s physicians’ at Bait al-Hikmah auditorium, Madinat al-Hikmah, Karachi. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Navaid ul Zafar, Managing Direcator, Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan said, if we wanted to get Tibb-i-Unani recognized on world level there was no other way than to adopt research culture in this system of medicine. We, at least, should know about our medicines and for that purpose put them on testing stone of clinical trials and research as Hakim Said had done in his matab. Physicians of Tibb-i-Unani should take inspiration from Hakim Said, who played important role in recognition of Tibb-i-Unani by the government in 1965, he added.


He said, Hamdard had raised the standard of Tibb-i-Unani’s education by introducing the degree course of B.E.M.S. like allopathic course of M.B.B.S. and admission in this course made conditional to Inter Science.


‘This is the age of knowledge and with the power of knowledge the physicians of Tibb-i-Unani can meet with the challenges of health such as Hepatitis, a threat to our nation because 10 per cent of our population is suffering from this dangerous disease. It is like atom bomb and God forbid, if it is exploded it will be disastrous for the nation’, he said, adding that Tibb-i-Unani should accept this challenge of Hepatitis as it has the capacity to do it and should work on its prevention which is equally necessary for the stoppage of Hepatitis. Physicians of Tibb-i-Unani should create awareness about Hepatitis and importance of hygiene, he asserted.


Prof. Dr. Hakim Asif Iqbal said that no successful vaccine has been produced yet against Hepatitis and Tibb-i-Unani could treat this disease as we in a clinical study ranging from the year of 2008 to 2010 obtained 40 per cent successful results but we still needed more research, he added.


Dr. Imran Bakar discussed the treatment of hepatitis in the light of allopathic system of medicine. Prof. Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan, Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University said that the world did’not accept any medicine without clinical research. So herbal physicians should make all out efforts for research on their medicines and be made public to their discoveries as in the presence of law of property rights they must not be afraid of it, he added. A session of questions and answers was also held. Hakim Abdul Bari offered Vote of Thanks. Physicians and Students of Eastern Medicine attended the seminar.

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