Dawlance to reduce food security in Pakistan.

Dawlance is the leading producer of home appliances and electronics in Pakistan. This technology pioneer has recently launched another generous social development initiative in collaboration with the Robin Hood Army and Ami’s General Store, to reduce food security in Pakistan. The company has placed refrigerators at Ami’s Supermarket in Karachi, to inspire the consumers to buy an extra food item from the store and place it inside this refrigerator for the less fortunate people, who cannot afford to buy food. This way, the Robin Hood Army can distribute the donated food to less fortunate.

The company is concerned that around 40% of Pakistan’s population is food-insecure, with little access to affordable and nutritious food despite being amongst the world’s top 10 producers. As a socially responsible organization, Dawlance has adopted generous policies to contribute towards humanitarian development issues like food security, poverty alleviation, women empowerment, public health, Education, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and much more. It also runs nationwide campaigns to create public awareness and overcome these socio-economic challenges.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan stated that: “This gesture will communicate the idea of sharing food as a positive habit. Dawlance is promoting a comprehensive programme aligned with our brand mission of ‘Progress Today Preserve Tomorrow’, whereby, we are prompting people to donate food to the less fortunate, rather than wasting it. Dawlance’s advertising campaigns are also spreading better habits from home to the nation.”

Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcelik – the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe, Dawlance believes in a sustainable growth policy: ‘Progress Today – Preserve Tomorrow’, reflecting a strong commitment to social wellbeing. Dawlance remains committed to invest in innovative technologies that promise a higher quality of life for consumers, while enhancing the environmental and economic sustainability, for the healthy progress of future generations.

The Robin Hood Army in Pakistan is a zero-funds volunteer organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and communities to serve the less fortunate.


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