Dawlance launches ‘Dawlance Prima Line’ – a premium range of home-appliances

Dawlance, Pakistan’s leading home appliances manufacturer, has launched a new range of premium products, under the umbrella of “Dawlance Prima Line – Designed for Better”. Catering specifically to the Pakistani market, this ground-breaking product range is a continuation of the company’s legacy of providing cutting-edge solutions, to meet the evolving needs of the consumers. Dawlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arcelik, flagship of Türkiye’s Koc Group – largest manufacturer in Europe, which is providing investments and technological expertise to create innovative technologies in Pakistan.

The ‘Dawlance Prima’ range of products embodies modernity and sophistication and offers state-of-the-art technology and sleek designs, tailored to elevate the lifestyle of Pakistani consumers. Dawlance Prima Line’s debut product category, the No-Frost Refrigerator, offers solutions for the unique challenges and preferences of the Pakistani market. The product has special features to ensure reliable performance, despite the scarcity and rising prices of energy in the region, which cause power-fluctuations and load-shedding. Crafted with top-notch European technologies and quality standards, Dawlance Prima Line products will set a new benchmark for innovation, efficiency, and aesthetics. By the end of year 2024, other Dawlance Prima Line products will also be introduced in Pakistan.

Emphasizing to the contribution of Arçelik’s experience in international markets and expertise in innovation to the Pakistani market, Mr. Can Dincer, Chief Commercial Officer of Türkiye and South Asia at Arçelik said, “Dawlance is strengthening its position as the leading home appliances company in the market with investments. We provide Pakistani customers with innovative and sustainable products and solutions. And Dawlance Prima Line is also a great example of this. Prima stands for prime and summarizes our vision within the country. We are proud to launch Pakistan’s first premium product line-up “Dawlance Prima”, which demonstrates our commitment to the Pakistani customers.”

Mr. Can Dinçer added: “Pakistan stands out with the potential of its young population. We see Pakistan as a key developing market for local manufacturing, R&D and future export hubs. We believe in the potential of Pakistan. We will further invest in production, technology, retail and customer experience in the country. I believe that our position as the no. 1 white goods manufacturer in Europe will further add value for our business and customers in Pakistan.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan stated: “It is a proud moment for us to achieve this great milestone in elevating the quality of home-appliances in Pakistan, with the ‘Dawlance Prima’ line. No Frost Refrigerator is the first product category being introduced in this revolutionary lineup. This new product-range will feature a wide range of high-end products, with state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated designs to meet the specific needs of the discerning consumers, who seek premium quality, with a higher lifestyle.”

The introduction of Dawlance Prima Line marks a new era of advancement, reflecting the company’s vision to exceed customer expectations and redefine standards of quality and sophistication. As Dawlance Prima Line expands into various product categories, Dawlance remains committed to elevating the standard of living for consumers across Pakistan.

Over the years, Arcelik has invested more than 300 million Euros in Dawlance. Its research & development efforts have created many new technologies, while its products also promise up to 60% energy-conservation. With a local R&D center established in Pakistan and support from Turkish engineers, Dawlance is dedicated to enhancing global collaboration and diversification, fostering self-reliance in creating European-quality products for the Pakistani market.


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