Conducive policies are key for sustainable growth of the pharmaceutical industry: PPMA Chief.

Conducive policies, fair pricing mechanisms, and investment in research and development are crucial for the growth of the pharmaceutical sector to meet domestic demand and a sustainable increase in exports to different countries. This was stated by the Chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), Mian Khalid Misbah ur Rehman, while inaugurating the 20th Pharma Asia Exhibition and Conference organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan.

As a chief guest, he said continuing policies is essential to protect the life-saving sector, which grew its productivity despite various challenges and the high cost of doing business. He urged the pharmaceutical companies to bring efficiency in their systems to offset the issue of high inflation, Rupee devaluation, high packaging cost, etc.

He further said that pharmaceutical companies should focus on human resources to sustain their business growth effectively. PPMA added that the pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan produce medicine at an international standard; hence, they can explore exports in different countries to bring foreign exchange to the country.

The event hosted various seminars on the issues of pharmaceutical industries, which were addressed by Chairman PPMA South, President & CEO of Medisure Laboratories, Sheikh Kaiser Waheed, Managing Director of Sante (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr Tauqeer ul Haq, Managing Director & CEO Martin Dow, Mr Javed Ghulam Mohammad, President Ecommerce Gateway, Dr Khursheed Nizam and Vice President Pharma Asia, Mr Farhan Anis.

Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry is a significant contributor to the economy, with an estimated value of  $3.2 billion and a growth rate of around 15% annually. The industry comprises over 700 manufacturing units and employs a large workforce. It primarily focuses on generic drugs, catering to a vast domestic market and exporting to over 60 countries. The industry holds immense potential for further growth and expansion, but it must address challenges such as improving infrastructure, enhancing research and development capabilities, and strengthening intellectual property rights protection.

With 650 stalls, the exhibition promises an extensive showcase of cutting-edge products, services, and innovations. This year’s event boasts participation from more than 160 international representatives from China, Turkey, Vietnam, UK, Germany and Malaysia, which further solidifies Pharma Asia’s status as a globally recognized platform for the pharmaceutical industry.

Farhan Anis- Vice President of Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan, stated,”It is a matter of pride for us to organize these international events here in Pakistan. This event will be the biggest interactive platform for the pharmaceutical industry to expand its outreach and customer engagement. Companies belonging to the country’s pharma sectors can take advantage of the attentive and receptive target audience to inspire and create new ventures.

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