Chill out at Splash, your ultimate G13 refreshment destination.

As the scorching sun beats down on the streets of Islamabad, seeking relief becomes a quest for many. Amid this sweltering heat, a beacon of refreshment emerges in G13, Splash Drink Bar. Picture this: the mercury rising, beads of sweat forming, and the need for something cool and rejuvenating becomes paramount. Enter Splash Drink Bar, a sanctuary where the heat of Islamabad meets its match in the form of icy beverages and creamy delights.

At Splash, we understand the struggle of battling the relentless heat, which is why we’ve made it our mission to offer a haven of relief. Our menu boasts a variety of high-quality fresh juices and indulgent ice creams, each crafted to provide a moment of respite from the oppressive temperatures outside. Imagine taking a sip of our freshly squeezed orange juice, feeling the tangy sweetness dance across your taste buds and the coolness of the drink soothing your parched throat. Or perhaps you prefer to indulge in a scoop of our velvety ice cream, made from the finest ingredients, letting the creamy goodness melt away the heat-induced stress of the day.

But Splash is more than just a place to quench your thirst; it’s a refuge from the elements, a gathering spot for friends and family to come together and beat the heat in style. Our welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff ensure that every visit is a memorable experience of relaxation and rejuvenation amid the summer heat.


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