‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’

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Greenstar Social Marketing Pakistan Guarantee Limited, one of the largest private sector players for reproductive & family health services in Pakistan, under its broad-based initiative of promoting an ecosystem of self-care, is empowering women in Pakistan against breast cancer awareness for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Globally, October is celebrated as the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, encouraging women to actively examine themselves every month, as early diagnosis is key to detect and cure Breast Cancer and GSM has pledged to be part of the endeavor of the government of Pakistan to reduce the disease burden from the country. Begum Samina Alvi is graciously supporting Greenstar’s efforts to ensure access to affordable, quality healthcare for the masses.

In pursuit of this mission, GSM (Sabz Sitara) has signed MOUs with different organizations. Greenstar joins hands with Roche Pharma for a self-care awareness initiative where women will be taught self-examination using Virtual-Reality (VR) headsets and work in the communities around Sabz Sitara clinics to promote awareness for the prevention and treatment of breast-cancer.

GSM has also collaborated with the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) by signing an MoU, under the terms of which SKMCH&RC will provide training to female medical staff at Greenstar on breast self-examination, so that they can then educate the wider public, utilising their extensive network, about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and develop IEC materials (Communications materials) for general public. Greenstar is committed to empower women in communities through the power of self-care through self-examination technique, enables women to learn how to remain safe and join the fight against this deadly disease and reduce its stigma from the society. It is hoped that this joint advocacy effort will help in spreading message about breast cancer awareness at the grass-roots level.

GSM remains committed to play its role in the fight against Breast Cancer by promoting self-care through self-examination for early detection and prevention.



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