Azeem Iqbal Pirani delivers online session on Takaful

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Mr. Azeem Pirani (CEO, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful) recently delivered an online session, hosted by our strategic partners, on Takaful as part of an awareness series in the current times of COVID-19.

In the live session, Mr. Pirani focused on the misconceptions that masses have about Takaful rather, the Insurance industry as a whole. He said that the penetration of Takaful is very low in Pakistan and people are not inclined towards Insurance/Takaful. For the same reason, insurance, at an early stage, should be part of the educational curriculum. On the hindsight, they are more inclined towards Islamic Banking or Takaful as compared to conventional banking/insurance when given the option. He further stated that as a society, significant planning is required and that we need to develop the perception of “protection” when it comes to Takaful for our upcoming generations.

Mr. Pirani was of the opinion that consumers are more hands-on in this digital age as information is readily available at the palm of their hands. Hence, Takaful companies should focus more towards the needs of the customers and promote their products on digital channels. He concluded that Pak-Qatar Takaful Group since inception is offering need-based products which are competitive in the market and Shariah-compliant in nature.

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