Atif Ikram Sheikh is a strong candidate for the presidency of FPCCI, Gulzar Feroze

Central Spokesperson of the United Business Group (UBG) Gulzar Feroze has said that Atif Ikram Sheikh is the best candidate for the post of President of FPCCI on behalf of UBG. An experienced candidate has been nominated for president in the FPCCI election 2024-2025. Atif Ikram Sheikh will be elected as the president of FPCCI for the next two years with the support of the business community across Pakistan.

Gulzar Feroze said that, at this time, the country is going through a difficult situation. However, the economic situation is improving due to the important measures taken by Army Chief Syed Asim Munir, including action against smuggling, hoarders, and profiteers, for the strengthening of the rupee against the dollar. The measures have been taken, and the people’s confidence has now been restored. UBG President Zubair Tufail and other leaders appreciated the Army Chief’s economic recovery measures and gave their full support, but it is a pity that Pakistan’s finances improved the situation. Current leadership provided suggestions to the previous government of Mian Shehbaz Sharif nor the current caretaker government in the best interest of the business community, nor did they effectively raise the business community’s voice in the Houses. This has undermined the business community’s confidence in FPCCI; thus, the current ruling group in FPCCI has failed to become a strong voice of the business community.

Gulzar Feroze said that UBG presidential candidate Atif Ikram Sheikh has also served as the Vice President of the Federation while he is also the former President of the Haripur Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Pakistan Vanaspati Ghee Manufacturers Association and member of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Asia Pacific of Commerce and Industry. Also a life member of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce, he is well aware of the issues of the business community. As a successful president after the election, he will revive the image of FPCCI.

Gulzar Feroze said that for the strength of the country’s economy, it is necessary to elect such a team in FPCCI that can solve the problems of the business community in a good way with the government. Representatives should cast panel votes in favour of qualified candidates of UBG in the Federation Election of December 2023 because the future of Pakistan will be bright only with the success of UBG.

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