Arts Council of Pakistan to promote Japanese culture and strengthen the Pakistan-Japan relationship.

Japan Fest 2023 was organized in Arts Council Pakistan Karachi in collaboration with Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Japanese Consulate, in which Consul General of Japan ODAGIRI Toshio, Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab, President of Arts Council Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah and other personalities was presented. Consul General of Japan Odagiri Toshio said that I welcome you all to the Japanese festival. Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab appreciated this festival; this festival is celebrated every year, and the exchange of culture brings two nations closer and strengthens the Pakistan and Japan relationship.

Due to COVID, we had to postpone the festival; he said that the city of Karachi is very important in Japan; this festival is a reflection of the modern and traditional culture of Japan, and he highly appreciated this kind of festival it helps us to represent a positive image of Pakistan all over the world. Mayor Karachi expressed their opinion. He said music and cultural roots have been forgotten; thanks to the Arts Council for carrying this raft, the Pak-Japan friendship is stronger culturally as well as commercially; such programs should also be held in Japan so that the people there know about Pakistan culture.

He said that the KMC, along with the Arts Council, will take such measures so that the entry of the people can be easy, and the positive activities of the city of Karachi should be highlighted. President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that the Pak-Japan friendship is very strong. To celebrate this festival, various stalls were the centre of attention of the participants; the Japanese martial art “Kendo” showed different techniques of attack and defence in a great way, and artists dressed as different comic characters were also involved in the festival, the festival ended with a Pak-Japan fusion musical concert. In which Ustad Nafees Ahmed and Nakagawa Yasushi gave excellent performances which were well appreciated by the audience.

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