Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and the Japanese consulate jointly organised two-day Japan film festival

Two days Japan film festival was held at Auditorium II with the collaboration of Art Council Pakistan Karachi and Japan Consulate. Eminent writer Anwar Maqsood participation is highly appreciated in the Japan film festivals. In the meantime Consul General of Japan ODAGIRI TOSHIO, Consul General Turkey CEMAL SANGU, including president of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah other politico, economical personalities also participated in the film festivals. Consul General Japan ODAGIRI TOSHIO shows his gratitude by expressed their feeling he said that he is very thankful to Anwar Maqsood and President of Arts Council to announce the Japan festival. He further said that many Pakistanis are willing to watch Japanese movies. That kind of the festivals is the best opportunity where both countries can easily learn culture and language of each other.

Renewed writer and humorist Anwar Maqsood also share his thought by saying that I have a flight of Houston next morning but I just come here only for my love to Japan. It is like a dream, it’s like a fresh breezing air in such a worst situation. I am huge fan of the Japan directors; I have a huge collection of all Japanese film. Japanese films also awarded with Oscar awards. President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah also expressed his views he said that Pakistan and Japan have rich with historical culture. Fatima Suriya Bajiya plays a pivotal role to build the strong relationship between Pakistan and Japan. I hope that friendship between Pakistan and Japan will be stronger in future. This kind of cultural programs brings both countries more close. We also have foreign trade relationship with Japan. This kind of the activities promote the message of peace along with the enhancement of the beauty of the country. He also shows their gratitude for the Japan Consul to choosing Art Council for such events. Dad’s Lunch Box was screening on the first day of the festival which is really appreciated by the audience.

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