Arts Council Karachi organized the launching ceremony of the book “Lamakan” written by Ghazala Habib.

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“Ghazala Habib is a remarkable poet for the new generation. She has not just raised her voice through her speeches and poetry but she also proved that Kashmiri women are no less than Kashmiri men” Said Ahmed Shah.

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the launching ceremony of a book named “Lamakan” by Ghazala Habib.

“There was a group of young people in the university era that made their way to the top of their talents Ghazala is among them her father played a major role in the liberation of Kashmir. I congratulate her for this wonderful evening” Shah added

Speaking on the occasion Ahmed Shah further said “I have been a book reader since childhood. I grew up with people like Aslam Farkhi, Fateh Puri, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and John Elia. I learned how to write excerpts in a story, how to pen down my words in poetry, and based on my experience I’m saying that what she wrote for Kashmir is commendable.

Presiding over the ceremony, Mohsin Azeem Malihabadi said “She is a poet of hope. Kashmir is her aim and she hopes for freedom.

“I read her poetry, as a critic; there are many dimensions in her poetry. She feels and describes the pain of others’ grief “he added.

Speaking on the occasion Alauddin Khanzada said “poetry is indeed a great thing to do but listening to it is more significant. Kashmir is our beloved and I have always seen her concern over the Kashmir issues her efforts are acknowledged by everyone.

“Write something which would be read after you or do something that would be written after you,” said the social worker Rizwan Jaffer.

Chairman of Media and Publication Committee, Bashir Sadozai said “whether Ghazala is accepted as Pakistan’s ambassador or not but the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the Hurriyat Conference have officially declared her as their ambassador, Syed Ali Gilani, who is currently in India’s torture cell. Asiya Andrabi and other Hurriyat leaders appointed Ghazala Habib as their representative in the United States. Ghazala Habib went far beyond her brothers in the struggle of this nation and the role she played is commendable.

Addressing the ceremony author of the book Ghazala Habib said that Kashmir is the first and last impression of her personality but poetry is a breath of fresh air for her. “I am honored to have you all at the event. I am grateful to the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah and Chairman Media and Publication Committee Bashir Sadozai for organizing this event. And thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me throughout my way.

In the event, Mahmood Shah’s article “Dakhtar-e- Kashmir chup nahi hue” was recited by Tanveer Sakhan.

Moderating the ceremony Rashid Noor said that there was a time when women were not even allowed to hold a pen but today many women have shown courage and have surpassed men.


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