APCAA extend warm wishes on international custom

On the occasion of World Custom Day, Chairman All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) Mr. Maqbool A Malik and Vice Chairman, Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, warmly expressed their wishes to the Officials of Pakistan Customs, throughout the Country. In a joint statement, Sheikh Tariq said, let us celebrate the occasion of International Custom Day, by thanking all the Customs Officials, for their good job. Had they all not been there, our country would not have been safe from various unpredictable threats, they are fulfilling all their duties and responsibilities day and night, so that our economy is and revenue is protected.

While a giving a back ground and history of this day, Sheikh Tariq, stated that on December 15, 1950, the Custom Co-operation Council was established in Brussels. And later in 1994, they was approved as World Custom Organization. The International Custom Day theme is that the Word Custom Organization (WCO) has set a goal of scaling up Custom Digital Transformation by embracing a data culture and building a data ecosystem.

Every year on January 26, it is observed as International Custom Day honors the Customs Officials and agencies in keeping good flowing across the World’s borders. Their mission is to provide leadership, guidance and support to Customs and Trade administration. They also believed that Custom aid in meeting our planet’s economic, social and environmental needs. Custom in turn, contribute to more sustainable future.


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