APCAA condemns the violence and destruction of 9th May 2023

Today, the Executive Committee of All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) has denounced the violence and destruction that occurred in various cities on 9th May 2023. Led by Mr. Maqbool A Malik, Chairman (APCAA), the Executive Committee and other prominent leaders of the Customs Association. Former and Founder Chairman Mr. Shams Burnery, Mr. Qamar Alam & Qamar Isalm, Former Chairmen. In a hybrid meeting, Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, Vice Chairman of (APCAA) passed a resolution condemning the events of 9th May, 2023.

In the resolution, the APCAA strongly condemned the violent acts across the country. These included the desecration of the martyr’s memorial in Sargodha, the arson attack on Jinnah House, the vandalism at FC Fort at Dir and Mardan, the destruction of Shaheed Colonel Sher Khans’ statue, the burning of the Swat Motorway toll Plaza, the torching of the Rawalpindi Metro Station and Peshawar Radio Station.

The APCAA EC and all Members condemned the planned attacks and asserted that those who attacked national institutions should face the consequences for their actions. The resolution emphasised that such attacks on public and military properties, as well as sensitive installations, were a direct challenge to the authority of the state of Pakistan. APCAA Member stands with the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies in this regard.

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