An economist should be made PM to deal with the IMF.

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Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW), on Sunday said that differences between the ruling parties on the issue of a caretaker prime minister are worrisome. The country’s economy is bad, the country is on the brink of default, and the danger has not been averted yet, so an expert economist should be made caretaker prime minister, he said. The name of Ishaq Dar should also be considered, as he can better deal with the IMF and other lenders, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal.

He said Dar will be able to introduce the necessary reforms and work on the special council will continue at the same pace.

He said that the coalition and allied parties should not make this issue a matter of ego, understand the situation’s sensitivity, and cooperate with the government.

The MD of the IMF has already warned about Pakistan’s economy, and people are very concerned. Still, he added that a misguided political group is eager to see Pakistan bankrupt and hatch conspiracies for it.

He noted that cooperation between political parties is crucial in these alarming situations. There is a strong possibility of a further increase in interest rates and further depreciation of the rupee, which will cause more distress to people and destroy businesses.

Therefore, all political forces should not try to increase their share in the following setup but should struggle to save the economy.

The IMF will not solve our economic problems. Still, it is here to get the economy out of the current vortex, for which uniformity and political cooperation are necessary, which will help keep the programme on track.

The next review of the IMF will be held in November, and if successful, the loan instalment will be disbursed by December. Therefore, the incoming caretaker government must do everything possible to ensure the success of this programme.

In this situation, the presence of an expert economist in the new setup is necessary. The worrying economic conditions of the country are proving to be a boon for a former prime minister and his party, which is spreading rumours to disappoint the masses, he said.

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