hosts a top-seller meetup in Lahore., a leading global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform, has successfully held a supplier gathering with the theme “Ace The Race” in Lahore as part of its Top Seller Meetup event series. The series aims to enable local entrepreneurs in the manufacturing and trading sectors to access new business opportunities with offerings available from, such as the Verified Supplier membership.

The “Verified Supplier” is a membership tier reserved for high-quality suppliers on This exclusive designation aims to foster greater trust among buyers. Verified Suppliers gain access to a dedicated online pavilion on, where they can showcase their products and enjoy enhanced visibility to potential buyers. These features are particularly beneficial for eligible Pakistani companies seeking to enter the global market, as they help these businesses establish credibility and differentiate themselves from the competition.

The meetup featured a detailed presentation by Muzaffar Hussain, Head of Overseas Marketing of JNM Leather Safety Gloves Industries. A Verified Seller on, Hussain recounted his rise to success on the platform and offered attendees practical advice and strategies based on his personal experience.

Hussain spoke of the trust he placed in, which has been instrumental in his e-commerce achievements. After joining the platform in 2014, he quickly secured significant orders from overseas markets such as South Korea, leading to a 58% year-on-year revenue increase. JNM Leather Safety Gloves Industries has become a notable name in Sialkot’s leather sector.

Hussain encouraged other businesses to join as Verified Supplier members and realize their potential for growth in the international market.

Experts from and Trademor participated in a panel discussion, highlighting the advantages of becoming a Verified Supplier on They stressed how this membership fosters trust with global buyers and provides a competitive advantage.


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