Ahmed Shah has provided the youth with an environment where they strive to hone their skills, says Federal Minister Shazia Murri.

On the sixth day of the ongoing Pakistan Youth Festival in Karachi, Arts Council of Pakistan, the outstanding performance of the candidates in the finals of singing, instrument, acting, dance and Battle of the Band amazed the audience. Federal Minister Shazia Marri and Barrister Murtaza Wahab participated in the festival. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah was also with him; Federal Minister Shazia Marri said that the youth need a free environment for development to develop in their chosen field.

I am happy to see at the Arts Council that Ahmad Shah has provided an environment where youth strive to develop their talents. Seeing the enthusiasm of the youth of Pakistan in the Arts Council, it is clear that they are very happy. She said that some people want to mislead the youth, but today’s youth are wise and will not be misled. The youth of this country are like a bright Pakistan; they know who is working for them and who is misleading them. Together we have to strengthen the youth of this country. She said that it is very happy to see the enthusiasm and passion of the youth in the Arts Council Karachi, that the statement of Quaid-i-Azam is being followed and that the youth need direction.

The Arts Council has given direction to the youth. I salute this effort of President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah. Ahmed Shah is taking great steps to strengthening this nation’s children and youth. We do not brainwash the children of this country; we have to advance them and provide them with development opportunities; Murtaza Wahab said that the youth are with us because we are with the youth. He said that all of us will work together to establish a smiling Karachi and Pakistani society where people will be happy, just like people in the Arts Council today. He said that Ahmed Shah has announced to conduct of an IT course, which will provide employment.

In the finals of the Battle of The Band, Singing, Instrumental, Acting and Dance finals, the contestants made a splash in the festival. President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah, while welcoming Murtaza Wahab and Shazia Murri to the Pakistan Youth Festival, said our young generation is our future. After the Pakistan Youth Festival, we will give IT training to all the children.


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