Agha Steel to supply their cutting-edge Green G80 Ultra High Strength Rebars.

Agha Steel Industries, a prominent name in the steel manufacturing sector, has recently collaborated with Mount Khalid to supply their cutting-edge Green G80 Ultra High Strength Rebars. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Agha Steel gears up to contribute to the highly anticipated Mount Khalid project, enhancing its structural integrity and durability. The picturesque locale of Gulberg Greens in Islamabad is set to house the magnificent Mount Khalid, poised to become the tallest residential building in the city. This architectural masterpiece, resembling a mountain with a flowing lake, seamlessly blends modernity with the splendour of nature. Spanning over 100 canals, the structure boasts an impressive 45 levels and offers 1650+ apartments, each with its unique view. As the pinnacle of luxury living, Mount Khalid is all set to redefine the architectural landscape of Islamabad.

At the heart of this groundbreaking collaboration lies Agha Steel’s revolutionary product, the Agha Arcon Eco-Friendly Green Grade 80 Steel Rebars. These environmentally friendly rebars offer unparalleled strength and a host of benefits to customers in the construction industry.

With a minimum yield strength of 80,000 pounds per square inch, the Agha Arcon Green Grade 80 Steel Rebars surpass conventional reinforcement bars by an impressive 33% in strength. This remarkable strength empowers engineers and architects to design structures with enhanced safety margins and superior structural integrity. The use of Grade 80 Steel Rebars brings about a 13% reduction in consumption and a noteworthy 10% cost savings compared to Grade 60 rebars.

Agha Steel’s commitment to quality is demonstrated through its adoption of state-of-the-art Electric Arc Furnace Technology during manufacturing. Adhering to the highest international standards, these rebars ensure exceptional performance in various construction applications.

Hussain Agha, CEO of Agha Steel Industries, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with this prestigious project Mount Khalid. Our Green Grade 80 Steel Rebars represent a significant advancement in construction materials, offering unmatched strength, durability, and flexibility. We are confident that our collaboration will create a structurally superior and sustainable residential building.”

Nadeem Khalid, MD of the Mount Khalid project, also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We believe in incorporating the best materials and technologies in our projects. Partnering with Agha Steel Industries and utilising their Green Grade 80 Steel Rebars will undoubtedly elevate the structural integrity and longevity of Mount Khalid. We are committed to delivering an extraordinary lifestyle to our residents, and this collaboration is a testament to that commitment.”

The joint efforts of Agha Steel Industries and Mount Khalid are set to create a lasting impact on the construction industry in Pakistan. With the introduction of eco-friendly Green Grade 80 Steel Rebars, structures like Mount Khalid will stand tall, demonstrating unparalleled strength and durability while maintaining a sustainable approach.

The signing ceremony was graced by distinguished individuals representing both organisations. Among them were Brig.® Inam ul Haq, COO Mount Khalid, and Mr. Khawaja Mushtaq Ahmad, CFO Mount Khalid. Additionally, Mr. Shahid Mehdi, Business Development Advisor of Agha Steel, and Mr. Mubin Jaliawala, Head of Sales and Marketing of Agha Steel along with his Islamabad team Mr. Azhar Hussain, Zonal Sales Manager & Mr. Aafid Rehman, Regional Sales Manager were also present. Their participation added significant value to the event, underscoring both organisations’ collaborative efforts and shared commitment toward the goals and objectives outlined in the agreement.

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