Aga Khan University Hospital honours World Children’s Day.

The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of its youngest patients with heartwarming and engaging activities to celebrate World Children’s Day. The Children’s Day journey commenced on 20th November 2023, marked by a momentous walk and a vibrant art exhibition at the AKU Sports Centre. Attended by Hospital leadership, faculty and staff, and students from various schools across Karachi, this event set the tone for a celebration focused on joy, learning, and health for children.

The festivities continued the next day in the Paediatric wards and clinics. The children’s ward at AKUH buzzed with excitement as the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health representatives and patients gathered for a special cake-cutting ceremony led by Dr Fyezah Jehan, Chair, and Dr Ali Faisal Saleem, Vice Chair.

“World Children’s Day allows us to celebrate the resilience and spirit of these young souls and reaffirm our commitment as a society to ensure the wellbeing, safety and healthy upbringing. We are delighted by the enthusiastic participation of these young champions; their vibrant energy profoundly enriched this celebration. Thank you for making this World Children’s Day memorable and full of creativity,” said Dr Farhat Abbas, CEO of Aga Khan University Hospital.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, brushes and face paints were brought out as residents and nursing staff adorned children’s faces with colourful designs. The crowd-favourite magic show added enchantment to the day’s festivities, mesmerising the young audience with tricks, illusions, and interactive performances.

“Children are the pulse of any nation, and their welfare is our responsibility. I am glad we can bring them joy through events like these and reaffirm our dedication to fostering the overall development and happiness of every child under our care,” said Dr Fyezah Jehan, Chair of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health.

A fun activity included the creation of a handprint tree through painting. Children and hospital staff left their colourful handprints on a paper tree, symbolising unity, growth, and the community’s collective efforts in nurturing the future generation. The radiant smiles on the children’s faces were a testament to the success of these interactive and delightful celebrations. The activities brought joy to the young patients and highlighted the hospital’s commitment to making their stay as pleasant as possible.

The AKUH World Children’s Day festivities were concluded on 22nd November 2023, with various stalls set up at the Community Health Centre by paediatric residents and nursing staff, each focusing on crucial aspects of child health. The Hand Hygiene stall aimed to educate children and parents about the importance of handwashing in preventing infections. Promoting healthy eating habits, the Health Food Plate stall showcased the significance of a balanced diet for children’s growth and development. In contrast, the Dental Hygiene stall emphasised the significance of regular dental care.

The participation of AKUH’s dedicated staff reflected their commitment to going beyond medical care, embracing a holistic approach to healing. Through entertainment, education, and community engagement, AKUH celebrated World Children’s Day and reaffirmed its commitment to providing comprehensive care and support for every child under its wing.

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