Abdul Rahim Nashir assumed the charge of the office of the Chairman APTMA

In the 63rd Annual General Meeting of APTMA, Mr. Abdul Rahim Nashir has assumed the charge of the office of the Chairman APTMA for the term 2021-22. Mr. Muhammad Jameel Qasim and Mr. Atta Shafi Tanveer Sheikh have also assumed the charge of Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively for the term 2021-22.

Mr. Adil Bashir, the outgoing Chairman has congratulated all office bearers while handing over the charge to Mr. Abdul Rahim Nasir.

Mr. Gohar Ejaz, the Patron in Chief of APTMA while addressing the house, welcomed Office Bearers for the term 2021-22. He highlighted the contributions of APTMA and the Textile Industry for achieving the best results that helped the country to stabilize the economy in the last two years. He said that the Textile Industry has achieved the highest ever exports last year despite Covid and other exporters losing markets. The Patron in Chief APTMA stated that 50 percent higher cotton crop in full 2022 up from 6 million in FY 2021 to 9 million Bales in FY 2022 and farmers will therefore get Rs. 400 billion more than last year for the cotton crop

which will bring prosperity to cotton growing area of Southern Punjab and Sind as cotton hits one of highest prices of 100 years subject to continuing of Free Market Mechanism in the complete textile value chain and ensuring International Prices to complete value chain. Aptma still has to procure 6 million bales through import and purchase 6.5 million bales from the domestic market. Any market distortion will be detrimental to the whole chain

The Chairman APTMA, Mr. Abdul Rahim Nasir thanked Mr. Gohar Ejaz and all the members and assured that his team will try their level best to achieve the target of 21 million dollars of exports in 2022.

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