8 reasons why one should be a Careem Captain

Why work for someone else when you can be your own boss by being a Careem Captain?

1 August 2023 – Karachi: Careem is one of the most safe, reliable and convenient ride-hailing services that is heard of in the country. Apart from ensuring the safety and comfort of its Customers, Careem has always demonstrated a special belonging and attention towards its Captains.

Here is why we think becoming a Careem Captain is no less than any other job or in some cases, even better.

1. Bonuses: The bonus is a way of rewarding and acknowledging the Captains’ efforts and hard work. . Through the bonus, the Captains can make more than the commission amount that was deducted from their share

P.S a Captain can earn up to PKR 150,000 with bonuses!

2. Peaking: Captains can make money through peak times as well as cancellation and waiting charges. This way if there’s traffic on the roads/rush hours, or the Customer is making them wait or eventually cancels the ride, or if there are unfavorable road conditions like rainy or bad weather, the Captain isn’t left empty-handed. The Captain is fairly compensated for working in such conditions thanks to the peaking and cancellation charges.

3. Destination filter: Through this unique feature, Captains can pick a location of their choice twice a day and pick rides according to their convenience. This can allow them to pick a location that’s closer to their home or one where they know they won’t face any troubles while driving to the said area.

4. Safety & Security: To deal with any chaotic situation during the ride such as an accident or an argument that might escalate, Captains get 24-hour on-ground support, rescue services, and legal assistance. So, if a Captain lands in any trouble, the Careem will support and stand by them at all times.

5. Insurance: Safety of the Captains and Customers is most definitely a top priority with a lot of work being done on that front. In case of an accident and injuries during a ride, Careem offers financial support to both the Captain and Customer. Similarly, Careem wants to make sure that their Captains and families are safe and sound. This is why the company assists to facilitate its Captains in purchasing subsidized health and life insurance policies. Through this feature on the app, Captains can pick a package of their choice and avail it whenever they want.

6. 24/7 Helpline: Fun fact: Careem is the ONLY ride-hailing service that offers round the clock helpline and call assistance to its Captains. In case of an emergency, the company will reach out to them or be available to guide and help them almost instantly. This is a feature that the Captains love!


7. Customer rating: Through this feature, Captains can rate and give feedback about their customers. So, next time they confirm a ride, they can see if they will have a pleasant experience with the customer or not, based on a previous Captain’s feedback. How’s that for equality?


8. Loyalty program: Naturally, a loyal Captain is liable to many additional perks and benefits such as extra destination filters, better ratings, increased cash limit and many other facilities and discounts. However, Careem is also offering a special application which is dedicated towards providing top rated Captains with exclusive offers and discounts which allows them to save up to PKR 100,000 a month on groceries, medicines, shopping etc. This way, the Captain can be assured that his loyalty and honesty doesn’t go unnoticed and will be rewarded generously by Careem.


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